RECIPE: Garlicky Mashed Turnips

Wowza!  Who thought turnip mash could be go-back-for-seconds good?  Not I!  But, I sure am glad!  I don’t know what I would do with myself if I had to eat yet another roasted turnip, as our CSA share blessed us with many-a turnip in the early Spring and I was at a loss as to what to do with them until our fantastic neighbors, who are also into the CSA-in’, raved about their mashed turnips.  So, I had to give it a try.

I did quick Google search for mashed turnip recipes and found this one for Roasted Garlic Mashed Turnips from The Grassfed Kitchen.  The recipe was super spot on.  I changed nothing.   I completely recommend it.

BTW, I didn’t take any pics, so here’s an awesome comic from JohnSu.



She showed that turnip.  What are your favorite turnip recipes?

Stay Nourished!

❤ Jen



Non-Fitness Stuff I’m Digging On Today

Ran across  some good non-fitness/running/healthy-eating/Paleo articles/blogs in the last couple of days and just had to share.  Really because I want to prove that I think about things other than working out.  😉

1. This is from the “This Page is About Words” blog, which I just discovered but got sucked into for a bit after running across “Mark Twain’s Top 9 Tips for Living a Kick Ass Life“.  Read it.  

2. NPR didn’t do a best-of-list for 2013, instead, it introduced its really rad Book Concierge.  Totally interactive and addictive.  Broken down into categories like, “Let’s Talk About Sex”, “Eye-Opening Reads”, and “It’s All Geek to Me”, what’s not to love.  Here are two books from the Concierge I’m adding to my “To Read” list:  

Do You Believe In Magic? The Sense And Nonsense Of Alternative Medicine, Paul A. Offit

Drinking With Men: A Memoir, Rosie Schaap

3.  I have debt.  Mostly school loans that I’m working, however slowly, to pay-off.  This debt doesn’t just effect me though.   Because I have to spend a good chunk of change each month paying off this debt (and I need to be paying more), I have less money to spend doing things with my long-term, fabulous boyfriend, like traveling and running all the races I want to run.  So, when I saw this post from Lifehacker, I read it through.  And, while it’s info I’ve read before, it’s pared down a bit and definitely worth a share.  

Run On!  Live On!  Have Fun!  

Coach Jen 



Drink More H20 and You’ll Glow

Drink More H20 and You'll Glow

There are so many reasons to drink more water! Most of us don’t get enough. How much should you be drinking? Do this. Your Weight DIVIDED by 2. That’s how much you should be drinking in OUNCES each day. Here’s an example, I currently weigh 134. Half of 134 is 67. So I need to be drinking 67 ounces of water a day. I have a 2 quart (1.8 liter), BPA free bottle that I drink of all the time. 2 Quarts = 64 ounces, so when I finish a bottle, I’m almost there. But, I drink more. I generally drink about 100 ounces a day, and more on days that I’m really active. Want more healthy tips. Subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook at and on Pinterest at

❤ Jen, Ginger Fit & Healthy

I Just Placed A Bet …

Earlier today I joined Sarah Dussault’s (aka SarahFit) new Fall Back Into Shape DietBet.  Why? I felt like I needed a little motivation for my self-imposed and self-created 30 Day Eat Clean/Train Mean Challenge that begins today!  You all may know that I’m not a proponent of diets but more developing a healthy lifestyle that you can live with. Sometimes though, that lifestyle needs a bit of a revamp.  30 days is the perfect amount of time to develop (or redevelop) those healthy habits that together form a lifestyle.  Things got a bit out of whack when I moved to San Antonio.  I began snacking more and working out less.   So, while I haven’t gained much weight (just two pounds), I have lost quite a bit of muscle tone and I’m ready to reclaim my body and my life!  So, how is this DietBet going to help? Putting $25 dollars on the line may not seem like that big of a deal, but money is a proven motivator. I’d love to have friends join me in this. Y ou pay the entry bet, in this case $25, and then you weigh in (they have a simple method to prove that you aren’t cheating). Then, you Here is the link to learn more and join:   Also, here’s what Sarah has to say about her DietBet.

So, all that said, today’s a big commitment day for me.  Today I’m beginning my personal 30 Day Eat Clean/Train Mean Challenge. Beginning today, through October 30th, I will be keeping a food log over at MyFitnessPal and will be attempting to get at least one hour of exercise each day.

What will I be eating? Lots of whole foods, eggs, grassfed and organic meats from my CSA, green smoothies, healthy fats, and some fruit. Because I know they are my trigger foods – foods that once I begin eating them, it’s very hard to stop, I won’t be eating nut butters even though I think they are a great way to get healthy fats and protein. I will not be eating refined sugar (which is pretty normal for me) and will be limiting my alcohol intake to a total of 2 drinks (beer, wine, or vodka/water) up to 3 times a week. I will also be drinking LOTS of water. I have a 2 liter jug I drink from each day. I will be drinking at least 2 of those each day.

When will I be eating? When I’m hungry. Not when I’m bored or procrastinating or for any other reason. I will eat mindfully and enjoy each bite.

I’m pretty excited!!!

If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that I did my own 30 day challenge last year and the results were amazing! It helped set me up to stay on track with my lifestyle for the coming months. (Check out the pics I just posted). Since moving to San Antonio, I have been snacking more, having a beer or two more than usual and it’s showing! Now, it’s been fun and I still want to live a balanced life that I enjoy! But, I also want to show myself, my Alamo 180 athletes and my followers that with dedication and hard work you can achieve your goals.

I’ll be the first to say that the 30 day challenge was probably easier in Boston than it will be here in San Antonio. I had a gym in my building and would go kill my workout nearly everyday, sometimes for hours. It was wonderful. We are planning to add a home gym here in San Antonio, but haven’t yet started on it, so this will be challenging. Monday – Friday I will be doing at home workouts from Pinterest (you can follow me there, too), different sites, and some that I’ve created. I will also be running and will continue to do my long runs on the weekend. Hopefully I’ll get some good bike rides in too.

I’m also about to begin Sarah Dussault‘s DietBet as part of my challenge. I wanted to do this just for a bit of added motivation. While I don’t believe in “dieting”, I do think if you are competitive like I am, having a goal and money on the line and the chance to win something, makes it easier to stay on track sometimes. You can check out her DietBet here: Here’s what Sarah has to say about her Fall DietBet:

So, I’m getting started today! Also, on top of my continued RunStreak Challenge (today marks the 24th day straight of running at least a mile a day), I’m going to do Race Addict‘s Burpee Challenge as part of my daily fitness routine. I burpees! They aren’t fun but the results are fantastic. I’m actually going to do each day’s allotted number of burpees x 3. 3 sets of fun. So today that means 3 sets of 10.


During my 30 day challenge, I’ll be posting my workouts, some meals and recipes, motivation, and weekly measurement updates here and on my Facebook page. I hope you’ll follow along and, if you like what you’re seeing and would like some motivation, accountability and A PLAN, will consider joining me for my holiday health and fitness coaching program. It kicks off October 15th with sign ups available through October 31st. You’ll receive a meal plan, workouts, and motivation and accountability, and together, throughout the program, we will work toward tweaking a meal plan that is sustainable and delicious for YOU and your family and make a workout plan that YOU enjoy and work toward a healthier relationship with food and your body because everyone is different, it is important that your program fits YOU.

Should you join my program? Are you thinking, I do want to start eating healthier. I would like to workout more. I have been there. For years I was 20 lbs heavier than I am now and just didn’t feel my best. Then, I did lots of research, tweaked my diet and attended Institute for Integrative Nutrition to learn more about nutrition and holistic healing, and self-care. I want to share what I learned and help you lead a healthier happier life!

Last year's 30 Day Challenge "Before" pic.  Includes pic of me when I was 20 lbs heavier.
Last year’s 30 Day Challenge “Before” pic. Includes pic of me when I was 20 lbs heavier.
These were my results of last year's 30 Day Challenge.  Can't wait to see what  I can accomplish this time around and hopefully maintain.
These were my results of last year’s 30 Day Challenge. Can’t wait to see what I can accomplish this time around and hopefully maintain.

Join me and we’ll achieve our goals together. Questions? Wonder if my workouts and meal plans are effective? Follow along here and on Facebook for the next few weeks and watch my progress, try the workouts and recipes. And, if you have any questions, email me at and I’ll be right back with you!


Ginger Fit & Healthy

Post-Run Achey Feet? Try This!

(This article was originally posted at, where I am the Assistant Run Coach and love helping runners make it to the finish line safely while having fun and learning.)


Aching Feet? One of our runners had been experiencing foot soreness following our long run last Saturday. Many of us have been there and it is not fun.

Our feet are complicated – a human foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 muscles and tendons. The 52 bones in your feet make up about 25 percent of all the bones in your body! So, there’s a lot going on in our feet, and since we can’t run or walk without them, we definitely need to take care of them.

Here are three things you can do to help your feet recover. And it’s not just from a long run, it can be from a long run, an 8 hour day of working on your feet or walking the kids through the amusement park or dancing at the club till the crack of dawn.

1. STRETCH your feet. But don’t stop the evening after the long run, keep doing it. Stretch your feet several times a week. I love using golf balls to roll under my feet, but there are lots of other effective stretches. Here’s a link to 5 great ones:

2. ICE your feet. Just get a tub of ice water and dunk them in for about 10 minutes. You can do this as often as you can tolerate. This will minimize any swelling that can sometimes occur after a long run and also provide temporary pain relief.

3. ELEVATE. While you know I’m a huge proponent of moving around after a long run, sometimes you just need to kick back and take a load off. So, ideally the evening after your long run, you would stretch your feet again (you stretched them immediately after your run, right , then ice them and then elevate them. The combination of these things will help you recover more quickly.

Got questions? Leave a comment below.  Interested in run or health coaching?  Contact me! I provide online coaching as well as in person group and individual coaching through Alamo 180 Multisport + Training if you’re in the San Antonio area.

Run On! Coach Jen

Conquering Second Day Soreness

Image credit:
Image credit:

After a tough workout the last thing most of us want to do is stretch, right?  See if this sounds familiar.  After a challenging workout of hill repeats, you lightly stretch and then hop in the car, head home and hit the couch with a refreshing beverage and a delicious meal.  The couch is so comfy you stay there as long as possible before moving to the bed for the night.  The following day maybe you get in a light workout after work but your muscles are a little tight and couch says, “Come over and I’ll soothe your aching muscles,” and who are you to deny our ever faithful sofa, right?!

Whoa!  The alarm goes off two days after that intense workout and your hips, glutes, and hamstrings are super sore.  Yigh.  You really wanted to go to yoga or walk a couple miles just to relax, but that would be painful so you opt to hit the couch again in hopes your muscles will be recovered in time for your long run the following day.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I’ve been there.  Here are three simple things you can do to battle second day soreness and stay on track with your training.


Right after your run cooldown with 5-10 minutes of walking and jogging.  Take note of any part of your body that feels tight, achey or just not right.  Then, post-run light stretching and foam rolling.

Begin hydrating with water and, dependent on heat and level of exertion, unsweetened, 100% pure coconut water.  Coconut water has nearly the same electrolyte make-up as our blood and is a great way to rehydrate after a tough workout.


Eat a balanced recovery meal or snack.  After a tough run or workout, your muscles are repairing and need fuel to do so efficiently.  They need not just carbs, but also protein.  The window for your body to most effectively utilize the nutrients to help in recovery is 30 – 60 minutes following a tough workout.  Because regular protein sources can take hours for your body to absorb, the best post-workout options would be a protein smoothie (high quality whey or rice protein) with fruit or a lean protein like chicken with veggies that are quickly digestible.

Additionally, many experts recommend supplements to help in recovery.  While I have only used them during times of injury, you may wish to try them.  The two talked about the most are creatine and glutamine.  I did use both while training for a race and facing an injury but cannot speak to the science behind them or effectiveness in other athletes.


I know the couch will be calling your name, but try to stay moving for awhile, actively doing light stretching, squating, foam rolling.  Then, relax for a good night of sleep.  Sleep is key in muscle repair so don’t skimp!  The day after a tough workout, continue ACTIVE recovery – think cycling, yoga, walking/jogging, and/or more foam rolling.

Doing these things should ease your second-day soreness and increase the days you can enjoyably train, getting stronger and faster.

Excellent articles on post-workout recovery from experts I respect